Final Conference Program is published

Final Conference Program is published with 5 plenary sessions, 9 presentations, 5 panel discussions and 3 round tables.

Panel discussions and discussion points are:


Global Shipping Now and Tomorrow


1. Latest Events Affecting the Shipping

2. Green Shipping and Respond to Climate Change

3. Safety Culture and Safety Intelligence

4. Autonomous Ships Operation and Cybersecurity Issues

5. Entry into Force of the Ballast Water Management Convention


Human Factor, Fatigue and Seafarers’ Well-being


1. MLC Convention in Action

2. Fatigue and Hours of Rest

3. Insurance and Medical Care On-board and Ashore

4. Responsibility and Criminalization of Seafarers

5. Necessity of Access to Internet On-board


Upcoming Challenges for Crewing


1. Crewing Companies Cooperation and Competition

2. Recruiting ‘Generation Z’ Seafarers

3. Growth of Gas Carriers Fleet and Shortage of Professionals

4. Autonomous Ships Change the Industry

5. Mobile Applications, On-line Services and Databases for Seafarers

and Crewing


Education, Training and Certification


1. Current STCW Compliance Issues

2. Next Review of the STCW Convention and Code

3. Polar Code Implementation

4. Sea Service for Cadets in the Study Programs

5. Management Level for ETO


Simulation, Computer-based Training and Assessment


1. Decision Support Systems On-Board

2. Cloud Technologies, Connectivity of Simulators and Distributed Training

3. Systems to Connect Ships, Fleet Operations, Simulation and Training

4. Gamification and VR Training. PC-based training and On-line Progress


5. Digital Twins in Shipping


Round tables are:


Round table 1. Growing Officers Inside the Company

1. Recruitment of Cadets and Officers, Loyalty of Cadets

2. Mentoring, Training In-House and On-Board

3. Motivation, Promotion and Retention


Round table 2. MET in the Digital Age

1. Necessity of Academic Degree for Masters and Officers

2. On-line Training and Certification

3. Simulation Training versus Sea Service


Round Table 3. Claims Arisen from Employment Contracts

1. Claims and Compensations related to Personal Injury

2. Loss of Life Compensations

3. Missing at Sea During the Voyage