Benefits of participating in Exhibition

Participation in the exhibition provides wonderful opportunities for presenting the achievements and capabilities not only to the Conference delegates but to all the guests of the Forum. The exhibition contractors have the extensive contact database in their disposal in order to inform industry experts about the upcoming event and to ensure that it is attended by all interested parties.

By presenting your business at the Exhibition, your company obtains a chance to increase the efficiency of its presence at the Forum, extend and solidify business relations and offer the products and services to the highest level professionals. Certain thematic dimensions of the Conference and Exhibition sections reflect the key aspects in the field of education, training and employment of seafarers.


Major Forum Topics

  • legal regulations of training, certification and labour of seafarers
  • competence standards and seafarer employment requirements of shipping, manning and crewing companies
  • maritime education and training (MET) systems
  • quality management systems
  • on-board training and cadet programs, training fleet
  • simulator training
  • distance education (e-learning) and training programs designed for developing seafarer education and skills
  • assessment of knowledge, comprehension and proficiency
  • career enhancement & qualifications upgrade courses
  • educational materials and media promotion
  • seafaring popularization
  • higher educational establishments in-service instructors training
  • anti-piracy crew members protection
  • human factor and safety of navigation
  • human resources management: seafarers psychological adjustment to multicultural crew
  • on-board medical treatment and care
  • crew members insurance
  • MET investment projects

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